Automatiseren op een Hermle

Automating a Hermle machine

Hermle is a German machine manufacturer specialising in various milling machines. Generally speaking, Hermle machines stand out due to their high precision. To get the best return from your Hermle machine, we recommend automation. Cellro can automate Hermle CNC machines, and Xcelerate is the perfect tool for doing this. Skid is another automation solution that Cellro has frequently linked to a Hermle machine.

Xcelerate combined with a Hermle machine

Hermle offers accessible CNC machines with a large scope, while most Hermle machines are loaded from the front. Hermle has extensive knowledge of automation, and linking a Hermle machine to an automation solution such as Xcelerate is therefore usually very straightforward. Xcelerate by Cellro can flawlessly automate all three-axis, four-axis and five-axis Hermle CNC machines, meaning that Cellro is able to automate both new and existing CNC machines used at Hermle. With their reputation for quality and precision, Hermle CNC machines are ideal for manufacturing precision components required in the modern aerospace, medical and automotive industries. Xcelerate by Cellro is therefore an excellent addition to these machines.

Automating a Hermle machine at Debets Mechanical Support

Automation with Cellro means more flexible and efficient use of your Hermle machine and your employees, higher production output and a better competitive position. Our client Debets Mechanical Support has experienced this first hand. As the perfect solution for small and medium-sized repetitive series, Xcelerate is user friendly, quick and extremely flexible when it comes to product handling. As a result, staff at Debets Mechanical Support can now make optimum use of their Hermle machine, and specialists can now use their time to do more specific work. Even when no staff are present, the Hermle CNC machines can remain in operation thanks to Cellro’s robotised loading system.

Interested in automating a Hermle machine, too? We would be pleased to offer you tailor-made advice.

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