Automation of a Microcut

Do you want to get the most out of your Microcut? Then it is wise to automate the production process with Xcelerate from Cellro! This way you run more productive hours. Microcut, founded in 1983 and part of Buffalo Machinery, is one of the largest Taiwanese producers of machinetools. The company supplies various CNC machines, from lathes to milling machines. These milling machines are specially designed for machining two types of alloys: non-ferrous and heat-resistant, stainless titanium alloys. Microcut’s CNC machines can be found in various sectors: medical, automotive, hydraulic, and more.

Which Microcut machines can Cellro automate?

In principle Cellro can automate any Microcut machine. All Microcut machines are equipped with an interface that allows connection to a robot. Options can also be added to the machine, such as automatic clamps and doors. The last named option is a requirement if you want to automate your Microcut machine. There are no other requirements for automation. The coupling between a Cellro robot and a Microcut machine is simple. It is best to choose a robot that can load up to 20 kg. Xcelerate X20 and X60 are the most suitable options for the automation of your Microcut.

Xcelerate: versatile and flexible

Do you have certain requirements in the production process with your Microcut? You can always configure Xcelerate accordingly! Cellro delivers customized automation solutions and ensures that Xcelerate fits your Microcut perfectly. Current users of Xcelerate are very pleased with this flexibility and ease of use. For example, Xcelerate can easily be connected to multiple CNC machines. In this way Xcelerate is used optimally and you get the most out of your production process.

Also want to automate your Microcut? We are happy to give personal advice!

Cellro automates among others these CNC machines:

They already opt for Cellro's robot loading systems: