DMG Mori CNC Machine met Cellro Xcelerate

Automating a DMG Mori machine

DMG Mori offers many different options when it comes to CNC machines, with a wide range of machinery from lathes to milling machines and from small to large CNC machines. DMG Mori combines German and Japanese traditions, precision and technological leadership when building their CNC machines. Want to automate your DMG Mori CNC machine? If so, Cellro loading robots – such as Xcelerate and Elevate – are perfect for automating DMG Mori machines. Cellro has extensive experience in linking DMG Mori machines to automation solutions.

Manufacture 24/7 with Xcelerate and Elevate

Xcelerate and Elevate can be used with all manner of DMG Mori machines, especially DMG Mori’s DMU Series, which consists of five-axis milling machines, and the MILLTAP Series, consisting of vertical milling machines – both of which we come across regularly during our work. These machines are perfectly suited to automation. One of our current clients has multiple Cellro robot cells each linked to two DMG Mori CNC machines, allowing production to run around the clock. Whether you need to machine large or heavy products, you can do it all with Cellro loading robots.

Get the most out of your DMG Mori machine

By using Xcelerate and Elevate, you can increase the efficiency of both your DMG Mori CNC machine and your employees. DMG Mori is particularly suited for machining light to medium-heavy metals with a high degree of precision. When automating a DMG Mori machine that machines large and heavy products, Elevate is usually the tool of choice. Xcelerate, however, is particularly suited for small and medium-sized series, meaning Xcelerate is flexible in its implementation. Your DMG Mori machine is then used to maximum effect, leaving your employees to focus on other tasks. Even when no staff are present, DMG Mori machines can remain in operation thanks to Cellro loading robots. In short, automating your DMG Mori machine ensures a high manufacturing output and a quick return on investment.

Interested in automating a DMG Mori machine, too? We would be pleased to offer you tailor-made advice.

If you would like to learn how to make more efficient use of your DMG Mori, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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