DMG Mori CNC Machine met Cellro Xcelerate

DMG Mori automation

DMG Mori is a global leader in cutting tools for turning and milling. DMG MORI combines German and Japanese tradition, precision and technological leadership in machine tool engineering. They have a broad range of CNC machines.

Want to automate your DMG Mori CNC machine? This is no problem with Xcelerate by Cellro. Cellro has broad experience in automating DMG Mori machines, such as the DMG Mori NLX-2500Y-700, the DMG Milltap and the Mori Seiki MT-2000. We can also automate the following types of DMG Mori machines.

Xcelerate is the ideal employee that helps you significantly increase your turnover for years to come, as it is extremely suitable if you want to increase the efficiency of your DMG Mori CNC machine and employees and boost production output.

Xcelerate can be combined with all sorts of DMG Mori CNC machines and process small to medium-sized batches. Current Xcelerate users commend the versatility of the applications and the rapid ROI. They can now make optimum use of their DMG Mori. During the day they produce individual pieces, while at night they use their DMG Mori for small or medium-sized batches. Even when no staff are present, the DMG Mori can keep working thanks to Cellro’s robotised loading system.

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Xcelerate automates among others these CNC Machines:

They already opt for CNC automation with Xcelerate: