Cellro Automation stimulates evolutionary machining industry

As a specialist in smart automation applications for the machining industry, we are often asked how Cellro Automation sees the future of the industry. Insiders see the positive effects of digitization and automation. They wonder if and how this evolution will continue and what the opportunities or possible threats are. In this article we focus on the future based on our expertise and practical experience.

Complementary component

In the machining industry, there are large shortages of skilled workers. This shortage will likely only grow in the future as more and more professionals are leaving the industry. Robotization offers a solution here. Thanks to the smart automation solutions we offer, professionals can concentrate much more on their specific qualities. After all, relatively simple and recurring actions, which take up a lot of valuable time without automation, are now taken out of our hands by robots. The deployment of these hardworking and smart automated colleagues leaves more time for monitoring and optimizing the production process. As a result, order turnaround times are reduced and priority orders can be inserted with relative ease. Automated processes contribute to better quality control, which leads to a reduction in scrap. No matter how advanced and ingenious our automation is, Cellro Automation sees the production staff and process specialists as complementary components.

Integral implementation

With a view to the future, it is also important for entrepreneurs in the machining industry not to continue to approach the different parts of the production process in isolation. The old way of thinking revolved around a small number of standalone machines, each of which had its own operator. By robotizing machine(s) in combination with Cellro’s control system this belongs to the past. In the (near) future we will see a more integral approach, in which the components of the production process fit together flawlessly and information is available everywhere. This information will become available almost real-time and can easily be accessed from anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone. In this way, the system is not a black-box but a connected-box. This will make it easier to connect processes and makes it possible to integrate logistic processes as well. Cellro has the ambition to realize this and is already quite far with this. As a director you are in control and you keep insight and overview at all times during the production process. Doesn’t that sound like music to every entrepreneur?

Constant monitoring and remote control

Cellro Automation thus stimulates the evolution within the machining industry in many ways. In the coming years, our integral applications will become more and more visible, refined and expanded. New innovative solutions will be added, because that is what our company is constantly paying attention to. The options for remote monitoring and control of the automation will also become increasingly extensive and advanced. After all, the robotic loading systems have no fixed working hours and continue their operations within the automated process day and night. Via the smartphone, tablet or PC, you can always look over their shoulder and intervene immediately if necessary.

How do you see the future?

Cellro Automation is ready for the future, but what about you as an entrepreneur? Do you also see the need to join the far-reaching digitization, automation and robotization in the machining industry? If so, be sure to contact us. Together with you, we would like to build a future-proof production process!