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SMEs ask themselves: How can I produce flexibly?

Partly due to the corona pandemic, the machining companies in our country have seen a sharp increase in the number of production orders. Due to the rise of domestic production, especially SME’s are struggling more than ever with the question: How can I produce more flexibly? In this article Cellro provides some tips and tricks on how to achieve these goals.

Start at the beginning

We know from experience that taking the first step in the field of automation is quite difficult for many entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies. Many of these companies focus mainly on the technical aspects and they usually have less feeling for everything that is involved. While collecting and unlocking all that valuable business information can be the basis for more flexible production.

Collecting and unlocking data is the key

Insiders know that production planning is mainly about the nature and size of the products and product series, the CNC machine tools available and, of course, the available employees to keep everything on track. If you as a machining company work with the production of single pieces or small series, then you know that a lot of time is lost in the constant search for all the necessary materials and tools and the setting and clamping of the CNC lathes and milling machines. A lot of time is lost in this respect. Time is money, and apart from that, by using smart automation, you can spend that precious time in a much more effective way.

The Xcelerate X10 Okuma robotXcelerate, ideal for starters in automation

If, for example, you start with the automation of one or two CNC machines, the investment remains limited and you, as an entrepreneur, can already experience the major benefits. After all, robotisation immediately relieves your personnel of a great deal of labour-intensive and numbing work. It’s just a matter of programming in all the relevant data for the production series to be processed and the user-friendly hardware and software of the automation system you purchased from Cellro will do the rest. Xcelerate, for example, is ideally suited for taking the first step into automation. The basic configuration can be expanded in a modular way, as is the case with all our automation solutions. Depending on the future developments within your company.

Automation creates positive effects

One of our tips for customers in small and medium-sized companies is to work through the small and complex product series during the day and to standardise this as much as possible. While automation proves its worth here too, your people can focus on preparing the production series that can be completed unmanned outside fixed working hours. You will notice that this method immediately increases productivity and efficiency. This immediately makes your company an interesting partner for a range of customers who are keen to work with a reliable manufacturer who is investing in future-oriented automation.

Human interaction with robotic armCellro helps your company grow, without expanding

With this step, your company can immediately handle significantly more work without having to expand. In addition, such flexible planning has many other advantages. Technical specialists are empowered by the use of automation. For example, they have time to carefully prepare the running of unmanned production series, but also for product control, fine-tuning and improvement of business processes and innovation. You will experience what this does to your staff and therefore also to your company.

For example, we hear from customers that, since the use of robots, job satisfaction has increased considerably and that there is considerably less absence due to illness. Moreover, they experience that the application of automation also has a positive effect on the recruitment of new personnel. The direct profit that can be realised with smart automation from Cellro therefore goes far beyond increasing the margin and improving the ultimate operating result.

Start small, but think big!

Are you an SME and considering starting to automate your production? Then get in contact with us. The experts from Cellro will be happy to answer your questions. Using practical examples that are comparable to your situation, we will show you what is possible and calculate how the investment relates to the payback period. Of course, we will also look at the complete service we offer during the implementation of a robot system, including instruction and training for your people who will be operating the automation. Oh yes, if even the last bit of doubt about the usefulness and necessity of automation has been removed, we can already show you how easy it is to gradually expand your automation system. For inspiration, please read the interesting knowledgebase articles on our website. At Cellro we say: Start small, think big!