Automation of a Mitsubishi CNC machine

Cellro automates Mitsubishi wire EDM and die-sinking machines. Wire EDM machines are used to machine products with an unusual shape. They are commonly employed, for example, to create moulds. Cellro’s Xcelerate ensures that your qualified employees can utilise their skills more effectively. Furthermore, it works Xcelerate with your wire EDM machine to increase production output.

Continue production unattended with Xcelerate

Xcelerate can be combined with all manner of Mitsubishi wire EDM machines. Current users praise Xcelerate’s rapid ROI and intuitive operating software. Cellro’s loading robot can optimise the functioning of your Mitsubishi CNC machine. EDM, or wire erosion as it is sometimes called, is a highly precise process that often involves long product lead times. By automating this process, the Mitsubishi machine can keep working even when there is no staff around.

How does automating a Mitsubishi CNC machine work?

When a Mitsubishi CNC machine is automated, Xcelerate treats the pallets that are being used as though they were products. All relevant information about the pallets is stored on an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip. A reader gripper sends the information to Xcelerate. It can work with different zero points, which is essential for ensuring accuracy. Handling different types of pallets that vary in size is also possible using Fixture Exchange.

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