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Automating a Kellenberger

Kellenberger is a Swiss machine brand which is part of Hardinge. Kellenberger’s range includes rotary grinders and surface grinders. These machines are used in a wide range of sectors, from the medical industry to mechanical engineering. Most machining companies will have a grinder bench on the premises. In many cases, automating your Kellenberger pays off very quickly. Cellro can help you achieve this.

The right automation solution for your Kellenberger

Kellenberger offers two kinds of grinding machines: rotary grinders for grinding round products, and surface grinders for flat ones. Grinding is a type of machining employed in specific cases. It is often combined with lathing and milling. For example, after undergoing the initial machining (either lathing or milling), a work piece may be ground to even out surface roughness.

For this reason, grinding machines like the Kellenberger use a different range than lathes and milling machines. At its core, a grinder is a CNC machine, just like a lathe or milling machine. This means that linking a Cellro robot loading system to a Kellenberger grinder is just as easy as it is for most lathes and milling machines. What’s more, the Kellenberger interface and Cellro’s control system software play extremely well together.

Both Xcelerate and Elevate can be linked to Kellenberger grinders. If you need a lot of storage capacity or work with a lot of different small batches, we’d recommend an Elevate. Otherwise, you can also automate your Kellenberger with Xcelerate.

Is automation right for your products?

This means Kellenberger grinders are perfect for automation with Xcelerate or Elevate – but the type of product you’re mounting matters, too. The way the product is clamped within the machine is important when it comes to automation. When automating a surface bench grinder, a vacuum gripper or magnetic gripper is normally used to lift the work piece. This is not usually a problem. However, some products are too thin for optimum handling. In this case, stacking them in the Xcelerate drawers is not recommended; the products may stick to one another. If you’re wondering whether automation is right for your product, contact our experts. Cellro is happy to work with you to create the perfect automation solution for your machine, process, and product.

Want to automate a Kellenberger? We’re happy to advise you!

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