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Automation of a Matec

Matec milling machines are extremely suitable for automation with a loading robot. The main focus here is on Matec’s 5-axis milling machines. To quickly recoup the investment in a Matec machine of this kind, you want to maximise your milling machine’s output. Cellro can help you with that.

Automating Matec machines with Elevate

Matec machines have a door on the side where the loading robot can deposit products. Matec machines can also be used in a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, many of the machines are purchased by suppliers. Matec basically produces relatively large milling machines, but also has smaller milling machines in its range. For example, the Matec HVK 30 is highly suitable for automation with Elevate. This machine can produce items unmanned 24/7 with Elevate. This 5-axis milling machine is usually used for products that Elevate can handle extremely well in terms of size. Given that Matec machines need a robot with a large storage capacity to produce at night, Elevate is the logical choice.

A Matec milling machine is usually purchased for the production of a large-format product. These products do not fit inside Elevate, but these larger Matec machines can also be automated. In this case, the Matec machine is loaded with large workpieces during the day. After working hours, the milling machine is then loaded with smaller products by Elevate. This allows the milling machine to be used optimally and increases the ROI.

Prerequisites for the automation of a Matec

Important conditions for the automation of a Matec are that there must be automatic doors in the machine (on the side), and that it must have a zero-point clamping system. These preconditions are automatically implemented if the automation solution is built at the same time as the machine. If this has not yet been done, the machine builder will decide whether this can still be implemented. Generally speaking, this is not a complex procedure for Matec machines.

Customer case study: Posytec

Modulerate was used to automate a Matec machine for Posytec, one of our customers. Modulerate is a flexible system with which one to two machines can be automated. The major advantage for Posytec in this respect is that the Matec machine can be used for the production of smaller product runs during the day before producing mass runs at night.

Automation of 3-axis and 6-axis Matec machines

In addition to Matec’s 5-axis milling machines, the 3-axis and 6-axis milling machines can be automated. However, with Cellro robots a single product is generally brought to a clamp. When a 3-axis milling machine is purchased for a certain product, several clamps are usually placed next to each other. Cellro will gladly collaborate with you to determine whether Elevate’s range is sufficient in your situation. Please get in touch with our experts about the possibilities for automating Matec 3-axis and 6-axis milling machines.

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