Automating a Toyoda machine

A Japanese brand, Toyoda was established as an independent subsidiary of the car manufacturer Toyota. Today, however, Toyoda is part of JTEKT. Toyoda machines are used in the car industry in particular, but can also be found in the production of agricultural machinery and other areas. Cellro has in-depth experience in linking our Toolchanger to Toyoda CNC machines. Toolchanger is an external storage carousel in which tools for CNC machines can be automatically placed and exchanged.

24/7 production with your Toyoda machine

Toyoda machines are generally used for round-the-clock production. Many different tools – from drills to milling machines – are often required to be able to machine a complete shape from a piece of metal. Furthermore, several types of products are often machined. Once this process is automated, you have to make sure that you have sufficient room for all of the different tools you need for each product. The result is that the number of tools required is significantly greater than the amount able to be stored in the standard tool holder in Toyoda machines. In such a case, Toolchanger from Cellro offers a solution by providing space for hundreds of different types of tools.

Connect a Toyoda machine to Toolchanger

A CNC machine may be able to operate without an automation solution, but not without a tool changer. Although the Toolchanger is a standalone unit, it nevertheless forms an essential part of a CNC machine. By definition, Toolchanger is used for a large number of tools – more than the amount stored in a CNC machine as standard. The capacity of the system therefore has to be expanded. For the connection between a Toyoda machine and a Toolchanger to be successful, the sizes of each tool must be entered into the system. Connecting a Toolchanger is at its simplest when using a new Toyoda machine, as the machine settings can be fully adjusted to the Toolchanger during construction.

Automated tool changing at high speed

The greatest added value of the Toolchanger as opposed to standard tool storage units in CNC machines is the speed with which the tools can be exchanged in the machine. This delivers significant time savings. In addition, the Toolchanger has a separate loading mechanism to prevent downtime during the production process when changing tools. This loading mechanism also has an altimeter to ensure tools are placed in the right location. After all, tool sizes can vary greatly.

Horizontal and vertical milling machines from Toyoda

Toolchanger is mainly linked to Toyoda horizontal milling machines. Toolchanger makes sure that tool changes are carried out on the Toyoda machine and is therefore not a standalone automation system. Complete Cellro automation systems are usually linked to Toyoda vertical milling machines, and both Xcelerate and Elevate can be used in this case. These complete loading robots offer a host of functionalities – it’s about much more than simply changing tools.

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