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New location in Brackenheim (DE) with German team

Dynamic machinery that allows entrepreneurs to respond quickly to market opportunities. Unmanned turning and milling. That is the ambition of a growing number of machining companies in Germany. And increasingly, our robot cells are proving to be the ultimate solution. From mid-December we will therefore open a branch in Brackenheim. An international brand gets local strength. 


The team in the German branch will operate as a satellite of the headquarters in Veenendaal (NL). In addition to office space, the building in Brackenheim also offers a showroomwhere the latest robot cells will be demonstrated.


German professionals m/f

Cellro GmbH

For the new branch we are attracting German professionals. People who can support local customers from advice to implementation: salespeople, service technicians and software developers. They can realize customer-specific machine configurations, calculated for the most complex order flows. Thanks to the modular design of our robotic cells, the German team can realize this largely with standard solutions. Supported by the specialists at the headquarters (only a five-hour drive from Brackenheim).


Innovation in the metal industry

The new Cellro team in Brackenheim will be the face of our advance in Germany. We have been supplying robotic cells to customers all over the world for many years – but we see Germany as our ‘second home country’. The immense metal industry in this country is slowly but surely moving into a new phase. Hyper-modern technology is conquering traditional machining companies here too. And we are happy to make a contribution to this. If it is up to us, the future has begun in Germany.