Cellro looks back at TechniShow

Cellro was present with an impressive four Xcelerates at the most recent TechniShow. This trade fair reconfirmed that the manufacturing industry is back on the move; sometimes even having trouble keeping up with itself. In The Netherlands, automation is not just a trend any more, but an essential part of operations. And rightfully so, because with too few human hands, further optimising production can be a challenge. At TechniShow, Cellro showed what the manufacturing industry can do to keep moving forward.

Flexibility is crucial

At TechniShow, Cellro noted the increasing interest of booth visitors in smaller series, higher flexibility and easy-to-operate automation systems. Our latest module with Collet Exchange addresses this need, in addition to our previously launched Xcelerate module with Fixture Exchange.

Exchange clamping automatically

The Collet Exchange module, developed for collet machines such as lathes, allows the robot to first exchange the collet chuck for the main spindle. It then uses a product gripper to place the correct products in the lathe. This makes it possible to automate the linking of multiple series during the lathing process as well.

Fixture Exchange and Collet Exchange offer the same key advantage: no longer is someone required to adjust the clamping and/or grippers manually between series. This makes a huge difference for small series production, which can now be automated much more profitably.

Get started easily, expand if needed

Cellro continues to develop new functionalities, allowing users to keep increasing their machines’ returns. Thanks to Cellro’s vision on modularity, it’s easy to get started, expanding later as needed. That way, your automation grows along with your production process. Cellro’s automation solutions such as Xcelerate are easily incorporated into your existing production environment.

The development of new modules and products at Cellro continues apace. Want to see more from Cellro? At AMB in Stuttgart, Cellro will again present its latest innovations to the public. Curious what they will be? Follow us on social media or contact us to be the first to know.