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Automation of a Grob

Grob is a German company which manufactures various production systems and machine tools, including 5-axis milling machines. Cellro automates these milling machines, for example the Grob G350 and the Grob G550. The difference between these two machines is in the range, which is slightly larger for the Grob G550. In practice, we see Grob machines in various metalworking industries, also increasingly outside the automotive industry. These are often suppliers, usually when they work with high-quality products, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), or manufacturers with their own product. Both Xcelerate and Elevate can be used to automate a Grob, depending on the size of the Grob machine.

Horizontal milling with Grob machines

Grob machines are characterised by their horizontal spindle. This provides extra stability during machining. The guides on horizontal milling machines are longer and more stable compared to vertical milling machines. This enables a more stable operating process and allows for heavier machining.

Simple and feature-rich machine coupling

A linkage between the machine and the loading robot, the robot interface, is required for automation. Grob’s older machines work with the Profibus network protocol and the newer machines work with Ethernet. It is easy for Cellro to link both protocols to our loading robots. So automating a Grob that you’ve had for several years isn’t a problem. (Provided it was fitted with a robot interface at the time.) Additional functionalities can also be employed using these protocols. This means that it’s possible to use Fixture Exchange, for example. This allows the terminals in the loading robot to be alternated. That way, fully automated processing of products of different types and sizes is possible, one after another.

Precision and stability: in automation too

Achieving continuity and therefore profitability for your machine is one of the most important reasons to opt for automation. However, it’s also important that the machine is suitable for this. That’s the case with Grob machines. In fact, automation is recommended in order to get the most out of a Grob. A Grob is suitable for long-term operations, partly because of its stability. Grob machines also automatically compensate for high temperatures. Grob machines’ automatic compensation keeps precision high, no matter how long the machine is running. A Grob can also be used for high-precision machining of heavy metals. In short, automatic production is possible without compromising accuracy and quality.

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