Cellro’s smart automation solutions help to make automation a success

Located in Zegveld, Promatrix specialises in the production of aluminium moulds and the injection moulding of small to extremely large plastic products. In addition to prototypes for the automotive sector, they make moulds for injection-moulded products for various industries. To help support their staff, they fitted various machines with Cellro loading robots.

The requirement

Around 15 years ago, Promatrix set up a process to be able to produce as many moulds as possible each year. As they were having a hard time meeting demand and delivery times, they turned to automation. To meet this need, Promatrix researched various suppliers before ultimately opting for Cellro. The independence and intelligence of Cellro’s automation solutions proved decisive.

The products

Promatix started with the Round Cell, linked to two milling machines. The Round Cell exchanges tools, workpieces and clamps. Promatix was so pleased with the automation that it led the company to express further preferences and requirements. This is why they added Xcelerate to their automation solutions a few years ago. Xcelerate exchanges workpieces and clamps along with raw materials. The raw materials are retrieved from the drawer automatically, before being positioned in the clamping unit and loaded into the machine. They are then machined, removed from the machine and clamp and placed back in the drawer.

The results of the automation

Thanks to this automation, the machining professionals can employ their milling expertise to the fullest, e.g. by ensuring that tricky details are milled properly. Meanwhile, simpler standard operations can be performed automatically. This keeps the employees’ work interesting and reduces delivery times significantly.

Collaboration with Cellro

Collaboration between Promatrix and Cellro has been close from the outset. As Martijn Boukens of Promatrix states, “Cellro is the right partner for companies that aren’t yet overly familiar with automation. The companies receive very good support to help make automation a success.”

Automation tips from Promatrix

As Martijn Boukens of Promatrix states, “The challenge in automation is the standardisation required to keep every item within the automation the same for every part. To arrive at that point, you have to think things through very carefully. This allows you to process even unique items in a series-oriented environment. If you haven’t performed this preliminary standardisation procedure properly, they can’t be automated.”

Automating with Cellro

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