The three models of Xcelerate

Xcelerate is the automation solution for your CNC machine. The robot loading system is renowned for its flexibility, ease of use and universality. These characteristic features are partly due to the three different basic forms in which Xcelerate is available: Xcelerate X10, Xcelerate X20 and Xcelerate X60. All three forms are capable of loading and unloading unmanned product lines in your machine to increase your production output. The differences between the three types are in the size and the robot handling weight. So there is always an appearance of Xcelerate available that fits within your production process!

X10, X20 and X60: what are the differences?

Robot handling weight

The Xcelerate X10 robotic arm is capable of carrying workpieces weighing up to twelve kilograms. The X20 robot arm, on the other hand, can carry twenty or 35 kilograms. For X60, the robot arm itself can handle twenty to seventy kilograms. The maximum handling weights relate to the combination of the robot gripper and a workpiece. Please note that the weight of both the robotic gripper and the workpiece to be machined must be taken into account when calculating the required load capacity.


Xcelerate X10 and Xcelerate X20 have up to four drawers in which products can be stored with a maximum height of 255 millimetres. The difference between X10 and X20 is that the X10 drawers can store up to 120 kilograms of products, while the X20 drawers can store up to 200 kilograms of products. Whereas Xcelerate X10 and X20 use drawers, X60 uses trays. The X60 trays can handle a maximum weight of 280 kilograms.

You can customise the inlays in the drawers (or trays) yourself, but Cellro can also do that for you. This offers flexibility in the length and width of the workpieces you want to store. If you choose the standard inlays, you will work with pockets of 135 by 135 millimetres in X10, 160 by 160 millimetres in X20 and 200 by 200 millimetres in X60.

See the Xcelerate product page for more specifications.

Watch the Xcelerate X60 video

Which Xcelerate suits your production process best?

It is a flexible, low-threshold and compact automation solution for all three forms of appearance. Which Xcelerate suits your production process best depends primarily on the workpieces you need to cut.

The machining companies that purchase X10 know that their products and workpieces do not weigh more than about 5.5 kilograms. In that case, the smallest appearance of Xcelerate will suffice. Smaller and lighter products are produced in smaller machines and that fits perfectly with Xcelerate X10. Do you need a robot handling weight that falls within the range of twelve to 35 kilograms? Then X20 is recommended. Especially companies with unpredictable and variable production, such as suppliers, often purchase X20.

Chippers who work with a robot handling weight greater than 35 kilograms usually choose the newest member of the Xcelerate family: X60. In addition to a higher handling weight, X60 has a larger storage capacity than X10 and X20.

Open access to the machine with all types of Xcelerate

The three manifestations of Xcelerate allow you to keep open access to the machine, despite the relatively heavy products that can be loaded by the system. Usually, heavier machines are automated with a heavy robot that blocks the machine. Employees will no longer be able to access the machine just like that. The strength of Xcelerate, however, is that the operator retains the choice between manual and automated loading and can quickly switch between them. For example, you are able to load the machine with a few pieces during the day and let the machine run unmanned with different series at night.


Xcelerate X10 and Xcelerate X20 weigh 1000 and 1600 kilograms respectively. This makes the robot loading systems suitable for moving, for example if you want to use Xcelerate for different machines. Xcelerate X60 can also be moved, but with a weight of 2600 kilograms this will be a bit more difficult.

Need personal advice?

Would you like to know more about the different manifestations of Xcelerate? Please contact Cellro. Our experts are always ready to advise you. They will be happy to think along with you about the appearance of Xcelerate that best suits your production process.