Automatiseren op een Mazak

Xcelerate models

Xcelerate is the ideal robot automation solution for your CNC machine and is available in two basic designs. X10 and X20. Both automation solutions are suitable for lightly manned or unmanned loading of series, increasing the production output. The main differences lie in the dimensions and weight of the workpiece to be machined.

What are these differences?

The X10 robot arm can carry ten kilograms, and an X20 robot arm can handle twice that weight: twenty kilograms. This means the gripper and workpiece can weigh either ten or twenty kilograms combined. The actual workpiece a X10 or X20 can handle can weigh no more than 5.5 or 8 kg respectively.

The X10 and X20 are ideal when the production machine must remain accessible. The advantage of Xcelerate is that an operator can still decide whether to load the production machine manually or use automation. This enables the operator, for example, to load the machine manually during the day and load various unmanned series automatically at night.

Heavier machines must often be loaded by crane and require a heavier robot if you wish to automate, often blocking the cell and making it harder for the employees to reach the machine. If the robot loading takes place alongside the machine, then 20 kg robot handling and 8 kg workpiece handling are common handling weights. That still involves conventional machines and machine clamps. Once you exceed the conventional sizes, you soon hit the heavier machine ranges for which the Xcelerate is not suitable. Xcelerate is designed for that specific target group.

If you need to load heavier workpieces or pieces with high mass inertia and the X20 won’t quite do the trick, you can either increase the X20 maximum load to 35 kg or opt for one of the other automation solutions from our product portfolio.

Which Xcelerate is best suited to your production process?

At Cellro we see that 30-40% of our sales involve X10s and 60-70% X20s. Machining companies purchasing an X10 know that their products and workpieces won’t weigh more than 5.5 kg. These companies usually specialise in precision machining. They produce smaller, more precise products using smaller machines, a perfect match for the Xcelerate X10.  Companies that handle a greater variety of products and are unsure what they’ll be producing in a few months time, tend to buy an X20.

Partnerships between Cellro and various manufacturers

Cellro doesn’t manufacture the various Xcelerate models all by itself. We partnered with various companies to develop Xcelerate into its current form. To create our product, we work with premium machining industry brands and partners that deliver worldwide, enabling us to serve our customers globally as well.

Fanuc – Robot

Fanuc is our robot partner. From the very first day, we have supplied Xcelerate with a Fanuc Robot. These industrial robots are ideally suited to our users’ production environments and have an up-time of 99.99%.

Festo – Pneumatics and electric driving mechanism

We collaborate with Festo for the pneumatics and electric driving mechanism. Their expertise is unrivalled when it comes to pneumatics and electric driving mechanisms.

Schneider – Proface industrial display

Schneider provides the control panel responsible for the graphic display of the interface.

Leuze – Safety components

Leuze supplies the best floor scanners on the market. A good practical example is the fact that although a Leuze scanner will detect mist caused by coolant, it won’t respond to it, meaning that no emergency stop will be engaged.

Schunk – Gripper technology and tensioning systems

Schunk is the best brand where it comes to gripper technology and tensioning systems. A German brand offering German quality. They set the bar for these technologies.

Interested in receiving further information?

Would you like to find out more about Xcelerate’s various models and our partners? Please feel free to contact one of our experts.